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Artists that can’t draw actual little girl characters that haven’t even hit puberty yet without sexualizing them.

Crystal Pixel Tokyo by galatic-castle
Crystal Pixel Tokyo by galatic-castle

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I am excited to see a generation of women who will raise their boys to be good rather than their girls to be scared.

Takahashi Macoto


Takahashi Macoto

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The most beautiful Game Boys ⊟

I love, love, love these. I am SO tempted to pick one up and throw on a front light mod, then not play any other console for the rest of my life.

These gorgeous floral paintjobs come from Georgina, who makes and sells customized portables through her friend’s shop. If you want to commission something like this from Georgina, hit up her Tumblr.

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i will keep reblogging this until I OWN THESE SHEETS.

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Asker macklemingo Asks:
(end of chapter 586) "Q: Is it possible for a woman to become an editor of One Piece? Or are all the editors of boys' comics supposed to be men? A: A beautiful babe with big knockers is fine by me! If I had an editor like that, I'd work even harder! Only I think I might not draw as fast! But to be honest, the editorial department of Jump is filled with perverts. I think it's in your best interests to stay away from there."
meltymole meltymole Said:


(this is a follow up to this earlier ask)

Thanks for finding this for me, and yeah this is gross.


This is supposed to be a joke (I think…), but it’s still gross and problematic. Just skipping the part about how rude it is to respond to a girl whose age you don’t even know asking about the role of women in a workplace by talking about how you just want to be around sexy women with huge breasts (it’s signed “BY flowerpot man,” but I’m assuming it’s a girl sending it—either way it’s not cool)… The ending remark is just as much of a problem. 

Sexism in the workplace and discriminatory hiring practices are alive and well in the world. There’s one example of this that’s stuck out very much in my mind lately, from askcaptaintashigi, over on her mainly DBZ blog. You can read her post here. But to sum up the details, she works at a video game company as an animator where there are 3 women and 20 men. When she asked her boss about why there are so few women, it turned out that rather than there being fewer qualified female applicants for their jobs or anything similar, it’s deliberate on their part. I’ll quote: “They don’t hire women on purpose. The company’s boss considers women to “distract” male employees, to put a damper on the production because of “affairs” they might possibly have with them, and be generally not “as good” as males.”  

So basically, the belief of men’s uncontrollable sexual appetite means that they refuse to hire qualified female animators so they can’t be around to distract the men. In this worldview, men have a fundamental right to work, while women do not. Rather than only hiring women so that there aren’t men around to harass them, they only hire men so that there aren’t any women around to harass. That’s punishing the victims, rather than the offenders, and that’s fucked up. Why bother conveying the importance of respecting your coworkers when you can just not hire women instead? When I checked with her to make sure that it was okay to use her experience as an example, she told me, “You can also add that a woman (around 50 and, of course, unattractive) has been fired with no explanations since I made this post, and another has been hired for a secondary job on the basis that she was “pretty enough to give a good impression of the firm” just today.”

So yeah, I’m disappointed with Oda on all fronts for that gross SBS answer, because not only is he being unnecessarily perverted to a question that hardly called for it, he’s going along and agreeing with the belief that women don’t belong in the workplace. He said it’s, “for your safety,” but the end result is still that women are excluded. This isn’t just some dumb joke. It’s a belief that results in women being excluded from many workplaces, which economically disadvantages them and encourages them to be dependent on the men for basic economic stability. It’s fucked up and needs to change.

Isn’t the whole fucking point of One Piece something about following your dreams? You know, unless you’re a girl trying to get a job in a place full of men. Then you should stay away (for your safety).