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School’s back in session, which means the return of Let’s Speak English!

This is number 25, and it’s the first longform story! I still get gleeful when I really think about this night. So many other little things happened that I couldn’t include, which might make it into strips later.

For instance, Shinoda, one of the guitarists, threw his pick into the crowd and I snatched it and was able to have him sign it. I also got a chance to talk to Wowaka briefly and have him sign a CD. Also 50 other things!!

If you like crazy indie rock, you can check out Hitorie’s videos on youtube. I believe they’re all available in America now!

And I’m sure I’ll see ya soon with plenty more goofy shenanigans in Japan!


Colus Hirudinosus


a self portrait study. 

no makeup.

natural lighting.

real flowers.



Oiran and kamuro, circa 1920s

The oiran, a very high-class prostitute, is often mistaken for a geisha, and this is a nice picture to show what makes an oiran distinct visually. In short, oiran wear about a bazillion hair pins (geisha only use one or two, and even geisha apprentices only use a handful, including the folded silk floral type) and oiran tie their obi in the front. As prostitution is banned in the modern day, the very few oiran existing today are more like reenactors, making public appearances and putting on performances of the classical arts. The kneeling girl is the oiran’s assistant, called a “kamuro”.





ladies dont start fights, but they can finish them.

that is a cat with a hairbow how is that relevant to the caption

Uncultured swine



Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

Uhm. More like Mechanitis chrysalis and yard ornament. The edges of the wings are plastic, the antennae are wire, and you can see the yard spike.

Not to mention that the common name of the Mechanitis is the Tigerwing butterfly.

It looks like this-





Terrance Houle: Urban Indian Series (2004), 

Born December 9, 1975, in Calgary. Lives and works in Calgary. In a practice that ranges from performance to photography to film and video works, Blackfoot artist Terrance Houle remakes the troubled history of colonialism and First Nations identity with a roguish wit and punk-rock edge. His strategy matches self-deprecating humour with an uneasy undertone; the results cut away at both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal notions of an urban Indian status quo. In his Urban Indian Series (2004), Houle is pictured grocery shopping, working in an office cubicle and riding public transit—all in elaborate powwow regalia.

In the performance video Friend or Foe (2010–11), he plays off cultural and historical gaps in communication while dressed in a loincloth and communicating by sign language.

turn up

Contemporary Art Week!


So apparently this is what happens when I sleep early at 8pm.. and wake up at 1am.. And now it’s going to be 4am.. 

I’ll reblog this again with links to society6. For now I kinda need to sleep again. 


brad-t and I ♡
inspired by this photo

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